Sustainability at Rai Way


Sustainability in Rai Way

We have always operated with a great sense of responsibility towards the environment, the community, and the people within it.

With our advanced infrastructure and high-quality talent, we connect the country and enable the broadcasting of culture and knowledge through our present and future-oriented platforms.

With our 2,300 sites and operating teams dispersed throughout the country, we provide our customers with a service of proximity, generating value for local communities.

We actively contribute to the technological and digital evolution of our country.

Through our investments, we create benefits for people, the environment, and the country.

Since 2020, our commitment to sustainability has been reinforced by:

For Us, Sustainability is the Future

We welcome the challenge of a sustainable future, placing innovation at the core of our strategies. By investing in our infrastructure, we are already exploring the technologies which will change tomorrow for the better; these will effect our way of communicating, of working, and of having fun, thanks to a corporate culture which focuses on digital transformation.

22,855 hours
of training in 2022 for our people
electrical energy from renewable sources
200+ mln euro
invested in innovative technology and digital transformation by 2023
Carbon neutral
by 2025, with a 25-year advance on European regulations.

Our Commitment: Strategy and Objectives for 2023

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