Work with Us

Work with Us

We believe in people.

That’s because people form the strategic element of our Company, allowing us to grow, to evolve, and to innovate. To support them, we have adopted a series of measures which aim to improve the wellbeing of each person, both within a work environment and outside it.

For the sixth consecutive year, we have been awarded the Top Employers Italia certification: a testament to the excellence of the working conditions we put in place to benefit all our employees.


We value all our resources, avoiding any type of discrimination. That’s why we have set ambitious objectives in terms of female presence in managerial roles; we also participate in initiatives which aim to incentivise the presence of women in STEM roles.

We promote a flexible working model as a tool for achieving managerial and organisational innovation. We want to find the ideal balance between work life and private life.


We pay close attention to workplace safety, in order to avoid any type of injury.

We guarantee our employees insurance and healthcare.

All employees are covered by the Integrated Environmental and Safety Management System (ISO 14001 and ISO 45001) for any environmental or safety aspects in common areas.


We develop ad hoc training courses to support the professional training of our employees, in order to develop their hard and soft skills.

We protect our working students’ right to study, and recognise any paid leave required by those taking any exams, including university exams.


We have implemented a benefit and development system based upon company achievements and/or upon the distinctive skills and performances of our employees.

For employees with a permanent contract, we recognise their merit in terms of the value and quality of their performance with a ‘Time Bonus’, i.e. the provision of paid leave.

Prepare for the selection process

Our talent acquisition process is inspired by the principles of ethics, transparency, disclosure, impartiality, and the recognition of merit.

During the selection phase, you will be interviewed by our Human Resources team. Following this, you may become one of us!

What would your future look like with Rai Way?

The training courses we offer our employees are crucial, and are necessary in highlighting the skills of each team member.

There is no discrimination at Rai Way; everyone is entirely appreciated to allow for professional growth. This, in turn, leads to satisfaction also in their private lives.

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