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Selection Process

Did you know…

…That we are continuing a great legacy?

We are descendants from the pioneers of Italian broadcasting. Our company has been listed on the Stock Exchange since 2014, with a control capital of 65% assigned to Rai.

...That we have a solid presence?

We operate within the infrastructure and network services sector for broadcasters, mobile network operators, private companies, and public administrations. We offer more than 2,300 towers, distributed across all regions of Italy, a fibre optic network, satellite infrastructure, and a talent pool which is unique throughout the entire country. We ensure constant access to information, sport, and entertainment through a top-quality radio-television service for the whole of Italy.

…We aim for a technological future?

Innovation is at the core of our strategy. We are constantly researching new technologies and exploring future business opportunities. Investments in infrastructure, technology, and innovation mark our contribution to the evolution and digitalisation of the country.

Would you like to bring your talent to Rai Way? We’d be happy to meet you!

Our Selection Process

Our Talent Acquisition process at Rai Way is inspired by the principles of fairness, transparency, disclosure, impartiality, and recognition of merit. Our selective process aims to improve the culture and competency of the Company, attracting the right resources to respond to digital and innovative challenges.

To welcome young talent and professional excellence into the Company, we implement selection initiatives and proactively search for candidates to invite to selections. This is thanks to the agreements of our partnerships and conventions held with university networks, secondary schools and other educational entities, and/or career days.

How do we carry out our selection?

You can consult our selection framework within ‘Work with Us’; here, you’ll find the description of the role we’re looking to fill, along with requirements requested of candidates. We also advertise the positions we’re currently hiring for on our socials and through specialised channels.

Because we always receive a large volume of applications, candidates will be directly contacted and invited to the selection phase, or may enter into a pre-selection phase.


Our pre-selection phase always evaluates the qualifications earned by the candidate, and carries out a preliminary screening of candidates online through a test or technical-professional interview. These are generally carried out via video call.

Motivational Interview and Technical Interview

Passing the pre-selection phase is a condition for admission into the evaluation phase, carried out via a motivational/introductory interview and a technical interview.

The Classification

Using a point-based system assigned during the motivational and technical interviews, we create a final classification and provide participants with feedback.

Head Hunters

We collaborate also with specialised companies or experts in researching managerial and/or highly specialised individuals (head hunters) who carry out the identification, examination, and evaluation of the qualifications and skills required by Company candidates. They also implement preliminary inquiry phases for entry into the company environment.

You can consult our current research within this section, or send in your CV in a spontaneous application.

CVs and Applications

Take a look at our available opportunities and find the role best-suited to you, or send us a spontaneous application.

Compiling our candidate form takes roughly 10 minutes. We recommend you take your time filling in all fields, attaching also your full CV and accompanying photograph. Your CV will be added into a company database used for our selection process, and will be kept for 12 months from your last upload date.

We will carefully evaluate your profile and contact you if you might be a good fit for the following selection phase.

For more information on the world of Rai Way, send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Introductory Interview

The first step in the evaluation phase of our selection process is an introductory/motivational interview carried out with Human Resources, and may include psycho-behavioural tests.

This interview is useful in getting to know you better, and in evaluating your motivation and the relevance of your soft skills, your mindset, and any hard skills identified by our leadership model.

Technical Interview

After your motivational interview, it’s time for a technical/professional interview which aims to verify your knowledge and specialised skills indicated at the beginning of the selection process. These skills will be necessary in carrying out your potential role at the company.

This interview is carried out by an internal Commission composed of three Rai Way representatives, based on know-how, specific skills, and professional experience in the key aspects of the interview.

An observer will also be present, selected by the Trade Union Organisation contracted by CCL.

Feedback and Onboarding

Our HR team will contact you with the result of the selection, both in case of passing and of failing the process.

Does your professional profile not fully correspond with the role you’ve applied for? Have you not made it onto our list? Keep your CV updated! We’ll consider you for future roles.

If you have passed our selection process and are about to enter Team Rai Way, we’re ready to welcome you through our new On-Boarding process. We will guide you from entry to follow-up, with tools and options available in the intranet for new hires. We will also implement initiatives specially dedicated to you. This will be an opportunity for reciprocal growth, and will allow us to share with you our values and objectives.

Benefits for our employees

If you join our team, you can expect some of our welfare initiatives and benefits.


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