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Environment, Health and Safety

Respect for the environment, health and safety of our stakeholders are key to the management of our activities. We ensure the highest standards all the way through our value chain, from our employees to all citizens to those who use our services.

Our health and safety efforts for everybody

We adopt measures and policies to protect the environment and our community; we consistently monitor risks – both current and potential – in order to prevent any workplace accidents and reduce our environmental impacts. In particular, we have identified threefour main action areas, in line with our 2023 Sustainability Plan:

  • Improving management systems to reduce environmental impacts
  • Ensuring the application of company standards in terms of workplace health and safety;
  • Spreading a workplace health and safety culture throughout the company;
  • Guaranteeing audits and compliance in terms of electromagnetic radiation.

14,663 hours
of health and safety training
employees covered by the workplace health and safety management system
Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001
ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Our efficient and integrated management

Since 2008 we have adopted an Environmental Management System certified according to ISO 14001 which, through internal procedures, facilitates the management of the environmental impacts arising from our operational activities. This certification is a valuable tool to have an integrated approach to proper environmental management in order to:

  • protect the environment through the prevention or reduction of negative environmental impacts
  • mitigate the potential negative effect of environmental conditions on the organisation
  • improve environmental performance in meeting regulatory obligations
  • monitor the life cycle of products and services from design to disposal

In 2022, the external certification body, RINA, confirmed the certification ISO 14001 of the Environmental Management System already obtained by Rai Way.

Health and safety policy and monitoring of standards

We run our business safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements, thanks to our internal policies and the application of a management system certified to the new ISO 45001 standard.

In 2022 the external certification body, RINA, confirmed the certification of the Personnel Health and Safety Management System already achieved by Rai Way.

With the adoption of ISO 45001, we are committed:

  • in the identification of risk factors, risk assessment and the identification of measures for the safety and healthiness of the work environment.
  • developing preventive and protective measures and control systems.
  • developing safety procedures and guidelines for the various company activities.
  • taking phonometric measurements in the workplace.

In addition, in order to ensure health and safety and activate preventive management of the associated risks, we organise ad hoc training courses for all staff.

Our Environment Health and Safety Policy

With our Environment Health and Safety Policy we intend to:

  • to make the entire company organisation responsible, as well as external parties who have relations with us, for the correct application of the Integrated Management System, each according to their position, competence and role. In particular, with reference to operational activities, the Technology corporate structure is responsible for informing suppliers and contractors about the System and for checking, to the extent of its competence, that these subjects comply with the procedures in force on Environment, Health and Safety;
  • introduce the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety behaviour of our suppliers among the criteria for evaluating them, and monitor implementation both in the process of awarding contracts and in the execution of projects and supplies;
  • maintain a clear and cooperative relationship with Local Authorities and relevant Authorities;
  • maintain communication channels with interested parties for a better understanding of our management of environmental aspects

Download our Environment Health and Safety Policy

Workplace health and safety training

We believe the protection of our employees is fundamental, and achieve this partly through training courses, as well as through the diffusion of workplace health and safety culture across the company. In 2022, we provided 14,663 hours of ad hoc training, both online and in-person, with a 19,67% increase compared to 2021.

Electromagnetic radiation: our commitment to protecting public health

We care about the health and protection of our employees, and dedicate the greatest care and attention to checking any electromagnetic radiation from our broadcasting systems.

In fact, we act as a point of reference when it comes to measuring processes, site rehabilitation, and the rationalisation of electromagnetic radiation in the broadcasting industry across the whole of Italy. We deal specifically with:

  • research on electromagnetic radiation;
  • monitoring of radiation levels, in compliance with strict national and EU regulations;
  • the study of targeted interventions for the reduction of electromagnetic impact.

Rai Way’s monitoring of electromagnetic radiation in 2021



intervention measures for verifying the compliance of Rai Way’s radiation with current legislation againston the exposure of the population to electromagnetic fields



intervention measures for the activation of new DVB-T and DAB+ plants, as well as their post-activation.



interventions for zoning in the workplace.

Through our management model, we constantly monitor the electromagnetic impact of our systems, and oversee the processes for the correct functioning of the emission system, operating in compliance with the relevant regulations.

The two fundamental tools used to monitor and reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation, and to manage any potential findings, are:

  • the ISO 14001:2015-certified Environmental Management System
  • the ISO 45001-certified Worker Safety Management System

Our internal systems guarantee excellence in all checks and controls.

Additionally, we are subject to a complex national and municipalEU regulation which protects the environment as well as the health of citizens and employees. This regulation establishes, among other things, the limits of electromagnetic field exposure. Respecting these regulations allows us to guarantee elevated standards of safety, which have been confirmed by the achievement and maintenance of licenses and installation permits for apparatusequipment with electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic waves for radio and television broadcasting

In Italy, radio and television broadcasting is carried out thanks to the emission of electromagnetic waves, whose frequency ranges from a few hundred KHz to roughly 800MHz. Since September 2021, 700-800MHz waves have been abandoned in favour of 5G cellular service.

In addition to managing electromagnetic impact, we responsibly manage acoustic impact, determined predominantly by the noise made by air conditioning units, by ventilation units and emergency generator systems, and by the impact of our structures on the surrounding landscape.

Not just certifications, but a real commitment to the health and safety of our stakeholders.


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