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Valuing the talent within our company is a driving force in our corporate growth, as well as in the improvement of our performance. It is also a tool which allows us to actively participate in processes of change and evolution, which is essential in ensuring the development of our activities, and in allowing us to respond to the ever-increasing challenges of the market we operate in.

To Rai Way, the provision of digital culture and skills, backed by life long learning, is an enabling factor in a deep-rooted change to our business and operational models. These allow us, in turn, to face new technological and business challenges.

In this vein, the Company is characterised by qualified investments and evolutionary plans in terms of training, with a focus on:

  • the activation of learning plans which align with the digital transformation trend and with the best practices of the sector;
  • the adoptionof innovative usage and employee inclusion tools.

Competency Culture

In 2021 in particular, we focused upon digital training, developing courses dedicated to soft skills, as well as culture and digital innovation. To us, this prospect is strategic in the improvement and implementation of skills which support the company leadership model, as well as the digital evolution.

Alongside this, our learning model champions “continuous change”, for a company which is propelled by smart assets and technology. Our courses have been designed and implemented to ensure continuous enrichment of our resources, but also a constant alignment with regulations in terms of the technological and business challenges identified within the Industrial Plan and the Sustainability Plan.

Testament to the importance of our learning model, the hours of training carried out in 2021, in spite of the state of emergency, were equal to 25,745, compared to 18,428 in 2020. This means a 39.7% increase. Of these hours, in particular, 12,252 were focused upon Workplace Health and Safety and the Environment, either e-learning or in person, with an increase of 129.39% compared to 2020.

Our Priorities

To promote innovation and face the technological and business evolution, we have focused our actions on guidelines which enable the company’s Leadership model, i.e.:

  • the enhancement of digital culture, developing courses dedicated to digital and soft skills.
  • the implementation of plans dedicated to strategic and managerial training, with the development of customised programmes for all management personnel.
  • These aim to reinforce leadership and strategic market vision, with openings also for external networking experiences, as well as targeted coaching and mentoring courses.
  • the digital provision and use of training tools, with significant increase in hours spent on non-traditional methods (i.e. company webinars, e-learning platforms). In 2021, we totalled more than 25,745 hours of training, of which 76.87% was carried out digitally.

Enhancing Soft Skills

In 2020 and 2021, the Soft Skills Project was carried out with the involvement of more than 175 resources (28.9% of the company population). Its objective was to encourage the expansion of our company vision, an understanding of corporate roles, and the development of inclusive and proactive training in the context of digital modernisation.

The initiative was carried out using a ‘distance learning’ method, with the support of an educational community which values the interactive potential of social platforms, and allows for the development of skills through an experience- and participation-based approach. This has a positive impact also on the engagement of staff.

Professional Assignments’ Course

In 2021, Rai Way organised a ‘Professional Assignment’ course, which involved a total of 92 resources (15.2% of the company population). In focusing on the key aspects and updates of current regulations in terms of public procurement, the people involved, and the various phases of the procedure, alongside the related profiles for professional tasks, the initiative enabled an increase in efficiency, benefitting the company.

We work consistently to guarantee the provision of training related to legality and the prevention of corruption, as well as specialised and linguistic profiles, in line with the best practices of the market.