Governance in Rai Way

Corporate Governance

Tools, rules and mechanisms to guarantee an efficient decision-making and management process

Corporate Governance System

Rai Way boasts a corporate governance system which adheres to the principles internationally recognised as best practices, and which follows the requirements of the Code of Conduct used by the companies listed under the Italian Stock Exchange. We have decided to adhere to the newest edition of this Code (now the Code of Corporate Governance for listed companies) which has been applied since 2021.

Corporate governance and Ownership Structure report

Sustainability governance

Developing and maintaining a governance system which aligns with the best possible practices, and which is well-integrated with sustainability profiles, represents one of the strategic guidelines defined in our Sustainability Plan.

Ensure respect for Privacy and Data Security
Adhere to external standards on ethics and anti-corruption

Ensuring diversity of management and control bodies
Integrate sustainability principles throughout the supply chain

Involve 80% of registered suppliers in ESG engagement initiatives

Strengthening governance oversight of sustainability

Implement LTI plan with 20% of objectives of an ESG nature


Rai Way has adopted an Internal Auditing Control and Risk Management System, along with rules, procedures, and organisational structures, which allow us to conduct business in a healthy, fair, and coherent way, with predetermined objectives.


Through our Remuneration Policy, Rai Way supports business strategies and objectives, in-keeping with the development lines of Rai Way’s Industrial Plan 2020–2023.

For the diffusion of Regulated Information, Rai Way S.p.A. employs the 1INFO-SDIR system managed by Computershare S.p.A., whose registered office can be found at Via L. Mascheroni 19, Milan.

For the storage of any Regulated Information made public, Rai Way S.p.A. uses centralised storage mechanism “1Info”, which can be found at the address, managed by Computershare S.p.A., whose registered office can be found at Via L. Mascheroni 19, Milan.