Shareholders' Meeting

Role and functioning

The Shareholders' Meeting is the sovereign body of the company, which, as a responsibility assigned to the company owners, hosts discussions of born of social will, and serves as a moment of dialogue and meeting between the Board of Directors and the shareholders.

The Shareholders’ Meeting passes resolutions, in ordinary and extraordinary sessions, on matters assigned to it in accordance with the law and the Bylaws. Specifically, the shareholders' meeting:

  • appoints the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors, and determines their fees/remuneration;
  • resolves, with a binding vote, as determined by the first Section of the Remuneration Report in accordance with art. 123-ter, comma 3-bis and comma 3-ter, the Consolidated Finance Act, and with a non-binding vote on the second Section of the Report in accordance with art. 123-ter, comma-6, the Consolidated Finance Act.

The ordinary meeting must be called at least once per year, within a hundred and twenty days of the end of the financial year (a hundred and eighty if permitted by law). The assembly must meet, either in an ordinary or an extraordinary session, every time the Board of Directors considers it appropriate and in other cases provided by current laws and regulations .

Shareholders’ Meetings are convened through a notice to be published in accordance with the procedures and time limits, which include the content set out in applicable laws and regulations.

Shareholders’ Meetings at Rai Way are held in a single call, unless the Board of Directors, for a certain session, resolves to provide a date for the second call and, if necessary, the third call, giving notice thereof in the notice of call.


Notices and information

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