About us
Our capabilities, technical assets, and dedicated resources have rendered us market leaders when it comes to infrastructure and network services for broadcasting and communications across Italy.

About us

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Rai Way. Our way, new opportunities

In a quickly evolving world, we look to the future, using the strength of our history, the solidity of our business, and the excellence of our people

Rai Way's Activities

Our innovative technological infrastructure is able to provide a service of excellence. What sets us apart is the widespread presence of our technicians across all regions of Italy; they are the heirs of those who established the history of Italian radio and television broadcasting.

Infrastructure and people

We operate through a distribution and broadcasting network of over 2,300 strategically located sites distributed throughout Italy. We have two national control centres, in Milan and Rome, and a fibre-optic transmission network, radio link networks, and satellites.


To us, sustainability is the future. We actively contribute to the technological evolution and digitalisation of the country, benefitting the people, the environment, and the landscape through our investments.

Innovation and Projects

We face the challenges of the future by placing innovation at the core of our strategies, investing in infrastructure, and exploring technology today which will change tomorrow for the better.

A company made up of people

We are a company of technical excellence, professionalism, a high wealth of know-how and we constantly invest in the talent, training and well-being of our people.

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