About us

Mission and Values

Our mission

We use our infrastructure and the most advanced technological solutions to bring radio and television signals to into citizens' homes; this way, we hope to satisfy the fundamental conditions for guaranteeing a universal public service, using the most efficient and effective methods.

Rai Way’s network is a connective tissue for our country, broadcast across the length and breadth of Italy. Through these networks, we generate value for the community, enabling the broadcasting of culture and knowledge throughout the entire country. This creates a privileged infrastructure which supports and encourages the success of our clients’ services.

In a dynamic and fully evolving context, we look to the future, guiding change through the strength of our history, the solidity of our company and the excellence of our people.

We contribute to the evolution of the country through our investments, as well as through the development of innovative technological solutions. We follow a sustainable approach which takes the landscape, its communities, and company culture into consideration.

We are committed to extending our characteristic technical excellence, security and reliability on all platforms, and we invest in infrastructure which enables us to provide new services for citizens and companies. In this way, we want to increase the value and the performance of our assets and our communication networks across the country.

Our strategic direction

In-line with our mission and our strategy, we aim to reinforce our leadership in the Italian market of infrastructures and services related to radio and television broadcasting and telecommunications. To achieve this, we are constantly researching new technology and assessing all platforms to offer diversified and innovative services to our clients.

The research and experimentation of new solutions are both carried out with a view to generating value for our infrastructural and technological assets, as well as considering social sustainability prospects. We care about the interests of the community and respond to both public service needs and the needs of our corporate clients, allowing us to explore new digital opportunities and broadening our horizons.

To generate long-term value, we focus constantly on topics related to sustainability, thanks to the talent, ability, and passion of our people.

With our investments, we contribute to the technological evolution of the country, benefitting both the community and the landscape around us.

Our Values

Our values are an integral part of our culture and our professionalism. These values are defined by: commitment to the community; safeguarding the environment; excellent quality in our services; the safety and appreciation of employees; striving for innovation.


With a widespread presence across the entire length and breadth of the country through our people and our infrastructure, we are fully aware of our economic, social, and environmental responsibility. We have curated relationships with stakeholders across the country – including schools, universities, and non-profit associations – to promote the development of our society, and to spread culture and information.


We aim to achieve our corporate objectives whilst always considering environmental sustainability needs. A focus upon safeguarding the environment forms a fundamental part of our Environment, Health and Safety Policy, as well as our company Code of Ethics.


Fulfilling the highest quality requirements is essential to our way of working, linked also to our DNA as public service operators. Quality guides all company activities, and is reflected in the services we offer to clients. We guarantee maximum coverage across the entire country, promising also the best technical quality in our infrastructure, as well as a steadfast reliability in the services we offer. This also allows us an efficiency in our operations.


Our corporate safety policy is based upon all our development strategies. We consider workplace safety fundamental, and work to prevent, control, and reduce impact and risk for our workers.


Our knowledge, unique in Italy, is based upon the skills of our people. We are recognised as employers of choice, and set ourselves apart for our dedication and consistent focus upon the growth and wellbeing of our resources.


The generation of value through disruptive innovation and an expansion of company know-how are guiding factors for Rai Way’s innovation and research. We study and experiment with initiatives which will ensure us a concrete competitive advantage – this will prove necessary in facing the upcoming challenges of the next few years.