About us


Quality is a commitment we prioritise.

In-keeping with the objectives outlined in the Industrial Plan and in our Sustainability Plan, we operate with an ever-growing focus upon economic performance, as well as the social and environmental impact generated for our stakeholders and our community. In order to achieve this, we work under the following directives:

Quality of service

Fulfilling quality requirements is essential to our company. Because of this, we offer: ample coverage across the entire length and breadth of the country; a heightened technical quality in our infrastructure; reliability in the implementation of our services, in response to specific contractual and regulatory standards, as well as corporate standards; efficiency in all operations.


In the evolving scenarioIn an ever-evolving market, responding to the competitive challenges which arise, innovation is a distinctive and systematic component of the way we approach business. Innovation embraces and is motivated by a continuous process of research and development throughout the various sectors of our company.

Commitment to the community

Our widespread presence across the entirety of Italy means that we are aware of our responsibility – not only in an economic sense, but in a social and environmental sense. We solidify our commitment to the community by curating relationships with stakeholders throughout the country, in terms also of a social corporate responsibility.

Contiuous development of culture and quality

We maintain and develop a culture which focuses upon quality throughout all company levels. This is achieved through awareness initiatives, both formative and informative.

Our quality policy, updated in November 2020, defines a constant upgrading prospect. We work to continually improve the efficiency of our Quality Management system, fully integrating all auditing and control processes.

Quality of Service: ISO Certification 9001:2015

Fulfilling quality requirements is fundamental to our business activity. We offer ample coverage across the entire length and breadth of the country, a level of technical excellence in our infrastructure and our employees, and a steadfast reliability in the implementation of our services.
In terms of the process aimed to establish Rai Way as a leader  in the sector of transmission and broadcasting of radio and television signalsin the market for the transmission and broadcasting of radio and television signals, we applied in 2016 for ISO certification 9001:2015, which guarantees the provision of the highest quality products and services, as well as innovative technology which will fulfil the demands and needs of our clients.

ISO certification 9001:2015, initially attained with reference to the “Provision of systems and network design services for the broadcasting and transmission of the radio and television signals", subsequently also included the "Provision of coordination and planning services for the routine maintenance of systems and networks for the broadcasting and transmission of the radio and television signals" and the "Provision of infrastructure and network services for telecommunications operators".
These three areas are encompassed within the certification, renewed in 2019. The achievement of this certification required an examination of all processes within Rai Way as an industrial player, and therefore included activities of planning, maintenance, supply, and support.