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Infrastructure and Technology Behind the Emotions

Pioneers of broadcasting in Italy

Heir to the pioneers of broadcasting in Italy, Rai Way operates in the network infrastructure and services sector for broadcasters, telecommunications operators, private companies, and public administrations.

We guarantee the public radio and television service the broadcasting and transmission of television and radio content, in Italy and abroad, operating with the highest standards of security, reliability, and quality of service

Our excellence is the result of:

  • infrastructure and technology: radio link networks, fibre optics, and satellite networks;
  • people: our talent is an asset which makes us unique throughout the whole of Italy;
  • widespread presence: more than 2,300 broadcasting towers are distributed across all regions of the country.

Ours is an essential mission: to ensure constant access to information, sports, and entertainment.

Discover our technological resources, and the way we work across Italy


Thanks to the characteristics of our infrastructure and the presence of our technicians across the country, we have diversified our activities. We offer integrated and advanced services to numerous clients, particularly within the telecommunications sector, and in radio and television broadcasting.

Our way, new opportunities

To respond to the ever-increasing challenges of the market we operate in, we have placed innovation at the heart of our strategy.

Innovation and Digital Transformation

The transition to new transmission and coding standards, needed to free up frequencies for the development of 5G (a process referred to as ‘re-farming’), allows us to reconfigure our network and offer new, more interactive services. It also permits us to experiment with evolved content broadcasting platforms.

We constantly oversee the implementation of new technology, and explore future business opportunities.

We take pride in maintaining an infrastructural prerogative for services to quickly growing markets, such as the Cloud and edge computing. At the same time, we consider innovative uses for our towers and develop a Digital Transformation project that invests not only in processes, but primarily in our company culture.

At Rai Way, there is no innovation without sustainability

By investing in infrastructure, technology, and innovation, we are contributing to the infrastructural evolution and digitalisation of the country, as outlined in our Sustainability Plan.

Through our widespread presence across the entire length and breadth of Italy, we intend to contribute to the social, cultural, and economic development of the community and the whole country, whilst also combatting climate change. With this in mind, our commitment is solidified by:

  • controlling electromagnetic radiation;
  • reducing the impact on surrounding landscapes;
  • aiming for carbon neutrality in 2025;
  • constantly improving signal coverage in digital terrestrial television.

We are proud of our excellent knowledge, and invest consistently in talent acquisition, training, and in the wellbeing of our community.

Our Company in Numbers
Sites across Italy
DTT coverage of the population
245.4 mln/€
Core earnings
73.7 mln/€
Net profit
220 mln/€
Investments in development 2020-2023

Data updated in 2022


Rai Way has a been a listed company on the Italian Stock Market since 2014, with around 65% of capital controlled by Rai.

We are the only Italian company in the telecom network infrastructure market which is both listed and publicly controlled/ is both publicly traded and publicly controlled. This double characteristic allows us to guarantee reliability and security, and provides us with an institutional role. It permits us to work in the dynamic and flexible way expected of a company with active influence on the market.

A Company made of People

We are a company of technical and professional excellence, with an elevated knowledge. Our engineers and technicians are descended from those who first introduced television and radio to Italy; they represent a distinctive and strategic element of our constant corporate growth. That’s why we’re so proud of our people, and believe them to be our best investment. They are essential in our journey towards a digital transformation.

Our resources – employees and collaborators
Permanent contracts
22,855 hours
Hours of training per year
Graduates (of which 56% engineers)
Resources dedicated to operation and design
Under 35

Data updated in 2022