About us

Broadcasting and Transmission Network

A broadcasting network unparalleled in Italy.

Rai Way’s Broadcasting and Transmission Network

Rai Way’s terrestrial broadcasting and transmission network is composed of more than 2,300 sites, located in strategic positions across all regions of Italy.

In order to provide the service for Rai, the network uses active broadcasting equipment; Rai Way’s technicians carry out for their maintenance.

Our towers also host equipment from a number of clients, for which we offer an integrated Tower Hosting service.

How are our sites structured?

Our sites are all diverse in complexity, technology, and use, based on the functions and services they carry out. In general, a site will include:

  • a plot of land which houses one or more vertical structures (our towers), of varying sizes. On these towers, there may be:
    • receiving antennas;
    • broadcasting antennas;
    • connecting antennas.
  • various permanent building structures that may host:
    • reception equipment;
    • broadcasting equipment;
    • transmission equipment;
    • electrical power supply systems, equipped with emergency and absolute continuity systems;
    • remote management and control systems;
    • technological support systems.

We operate on roughly 40% land owned by Rai Way, and on around 25% land which is rented or for which we have obtained surface rights; the remaining percentage uses passive hospitality sites. The building type predominantly used in terms of repeaters is that of prefabricated, modulated boxes. This allows for an expansion in the housing of new apparatus, when necessary.