Rai Way services

Integrated Tower Hosting Services

Our infrastructures, a point of reference

We make our sites and systems available for the implementation of any network project.

Located in strategic positions, our infrastructure has always acted as a point of reference for television and radio broadcasting (link to Tower Hosting for Broadcasters). The reliability that this infrastructure guarantees makes our towers adaptable also for the development of Mission Critical and Disaster Recovery networks, supporting our country’s emergency system.

Through our integrated tower hosting services, we support operators in challenges related to deploying broadband and reducing the digital divide; in this way, we facilitate their introduction into rural areas (link to Tower Hosting for TLC).

More than 2.300 sites

dispersed located in strategic positions across the country. Our portfolio of sites is the right choice for any network need.

Specialised, widespread support

Our technicians are always working to ensure maximum reliability in our services.

Quality guarantee

Our services are based on solid infrastructure, and maintained according to rigorous safety and quality standards.

Dedicated commercial team

From site identification to system activation, our Account Managers are always by your side.

Our Tower Hosting Services

Tower Hosting for Broadcasters

Tower Hosting for Broadcasters

Optimise your network thanks to our broadcasting infrastructure.

Tower Hosting for TLC

Tower Hosting for TLC

Expand your signal coverage and reach even the most rural areas.