Rai Way services

Tower Hosting for TLC

Expand your network and reach even the most rural areas of the country.

We make our infrastructure available to MNO, FWA and TLC operators, for the installation of systems which respond to any technological need. Thanks to the technical and geographical characteristics of our sites, we provide a reliable service of the highest quality, even in rural areas, where we contribute to enabling greater connectivity.

Present even in areas of digital divide

We invest in deploying broadband into rural areas. New generation networks are fundamental for accessing digital services, and, by extension, for the future of our country. As part of this disruptive transformation, rural economies must also have the ability to access new opportunities, which, due to their low population density and complex landscapes, risk being left behind. With this in mind, we are committed to reducing the digital divide, making our infrastructure available to operators. Strengthened by a network born of a public service need, and which guarantees universal accessibility, our sites are primarily located throughout rural areas, and are reached by advanced connectivity.

Reliability and safety

We manage our strategic infrastructure for the whole country; that’s why we apply rigorous quality and safety standards. In this way, we guarantee reliability even for the most critical networks, such as those used for radio communications for public safety.

Dedicated support

For every technical or commercial need, you can trust our Accounts team and our specialised technicians, who are present across the entire length and breadth of Italy.