Rai Way services

Tower hosting for broadcasters

Reach even the most difficult areas and expand your business.

Our infrastructures are located in highly strategic positions across the entire country, ensuring optimal coverage. Our team of experts is always able to provide any necessary support.

Expand coverage

Our tower hosting sites boast prestigious positions for the best signal coverage, located both in urban areas and across more remote locations. This widespread presence is due to the fact that the original positions chosen for tower construction had to meet two primary requirements:

  • to implement and develop the first Italian radio and television network;
  • to guarantee universal access to radio and television services.

Our tower hosting service assures not only a widespread presence, but also a uniqueness when it comes to our towers, which are located across non-replicable positions.

Your business is safe

We manage our sites adhering to rigorous quality and safety standards, in order to carry out a service which meets the high expectations of the most important Italian radio and television networks.

A team of experts, by your side.

Thanks to our accounts team and our specialised technicians, present throughout the entire length and breadth of Italy, we provide support through every development phase of your project, from the preliminary identification stages of the site to system activation and testing.

Are you a radio broadcaster?

We follow a sustainable business approach. This is why we work hard to guarantee a responsible coexistence of the various services offered along the radio spectrum. Thanks to the widespread nature of our sites, we are known as leading tower operators for merging projects.