Rai Way services

Content Distribution

Maximum visibility for your content.

We broadcast programmes and events across the world through our dedicated networks, as well as those of our partners. We take care of content acquisition from the origin venue, its transmission, and its distribution to the geographical destination areas.

Personalised solutions

For permanent or even occasional needs, we support you in researching the best-suited technical solution, and oversee the acquisition of necessary transmission resources.

Your content, secured

Thanks to our encryption system, you won’t run any risks of unauthorised access to your content.

Global distribution

We work alongside the most important international carriers to offer a truly global reach.

Specialised assistance

Thanks to our national control centres, we monitor the distribution of signals 24/7, and provide specialised technical assistance during transmission.

Bring your content onto television with HbbTV

Thanks to standard HbbTV, you can stream any content on broadband, through the broadcasting channel of a TV station. An efficient, low-cost solution to reaching the TV sets of millions and extend the reach of your content.

What is HbbTV?
HbbTV is a standard which combines broadcasting transmission with broadband transmission to enrich the user’s viewing experience. It does this by offering hybrid, innovative services; these allow, among other things, for the transmission via broadband of any type of video content directly onto connected televisions and Set-Top Boxes, with no need to develop a dedicated app. Contact us to learn more about the best HbbTV solutions to get the most out of your content.

Our commitment to Rai

Through our terrestrial and satellite networks, we transmit Rai’s content throughout Italy and the world, including new channel Rai Italia. Learn more about our network and its characteristics