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Satellite Network

Rai Way’s Satellite Network – Hot Bird Satellites 13E and 5W

Network characteristics

We offer a satellite network which carries out three main tasks:

  • direct national and international broadcasting;
  • TV contribution for outdoor filming;
  • reserve and backup in case of problems on terrestrial network.

Network functionalities

In detail, our satellite network aims to:

  • increase the reliability of connections which power ground transmitters;
  • directly broadcast Rai’s programmes across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. These same satellite resources also allow for free-to-air reception on Italian landscapely;
  • broadcast Rai programmes across the rest of the world through a complex satellite network also used by third-party operators.

In Europe and the Mediterranean basin, Rai's television and radio programmes are broadcast in digital mode by the Eutelsat Hot Bird 13° East satellite. Broadcasts are unencrypted, except for some programmes for which Rai has the rights only for Italy.

Rai’s entire programme catalogue is available in Italy through a free satellite platform named ‘Tivùsat’.

Our satellite network: a guarantee of reliability in national broadcasting and an international coverage service.

Access Rai’s offers through satellite

What do you need to access Tivùsat?

  • a satellite dish facing Eutelsat Hot Bird 13o Est;
  • a Tivùsat-certified device;
  • a smart card, which can be activated in just a few minutes.