Rai Way Services


Our challenges have changed over the years, but our role hasn’t.

Over 90 years ago, our infrastructure began introducing radio and then television into the homes of millions of Italians, broadcasting information, culture, and entertainment.

TV and Radio Broadcasting

Our unwavering commitment in guaranteeing universal access to radio and television services has led us to invest continuously in terrestrial networks, optimising digital television coverage and extending our radio coverage in FM and DAB+.

We support our TV broadcasting operators in their transition to DVB-T2 technology and provide them with privileged access to the world of Next Gen TV. This enables them to develop digital services through hybrid broadcast-broadband solutions.

Transmission Services

We provide support services for production activities, and actively contribute to the broadcasting of culture and knowledge across Italy and the rest of the world through our transmission network: a far-reaching ‘motorway’ for content which unites our country.

Integrated Tower Hosting services

We take part in the technological evolution and generate value for the community, making our strategic infrastructure available for the development of new 5G communication systems, for broadband deployment– especially in areas of digital divide – and, more generally, for the diffusion of digital services.

All of this has contributed to our position as leader in the Italian communication infrastructure and network services industry. This role is reflective of the solidity of our infrastructure, which has become a connective tissue for the country, as well as the depth of our knowledge, developed over 90 years of experience in broadcasting and public services.