Leading operator in the Italian market

Rai Way is the leading operator in the Italian radio-television infrastructure and transmission market.

Thanks to a widespread, extensive, and non-replicable broadcasting network, composed of more than 2,300 sites dispersed across the entire length and breadth of Italy, Rai Way is the only operator able to provide coverage to 99% of the population with its DTT (digital terrestrial television) platforms. We also guarantee the social function of our public radio and television services through signal reception by citizens and local communities.

The ownership of both the passive infrastructure and of the active equipment dedicated to our customer Rai – as well as a high-capacity fibre contribution network – forms the differentiating factor for a sustainable business model. It is thanks to this model that the Company is able to ensure an end-to-end broadcasting service which is constantly up-to-date with technical and network evolution, respecting the environment and making the most of any opportunities for growth relating to innovation within the sector.

Rai Way offers a vast range of integrated Broadcasting, Transmission, Tower Rental and Network Services for Rai and other TV and radio broadcasters, TLC operators, private companies, and public administrations. To do this, we rely on our unparalleled knowledge.

TV and Radio Broadcasting
  • Transmission of television and radio signals (signal distribution);
  • Digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasting (signal broadcasting);
  • Local, national, and international services;
  • Key solutions for transmission and broadcasting networks.
  • Links between the venues of important events (both national and international) and client offices;
  • Range of solutions offered, from permanent to ‘ad hoc’ connections, e.g.: Venice Film Festival, Italian ‘Serie A’ Football, FIFA World Cup
Tower Rental
  • Tower hosting for radio transmitters;
  • Installation and maintenance services;
  • Client base: fixed and mobile telephone operators, public administrations, radio and rtelevision broadcasters, corporate clients
Network Services

Consultation and technical assistance services, including:

  • Technical and feasibility studies
  • Measuring electromagnetic radiation
  • Interference evaluation
  • Planning and implementation of infrastructure
  • Installation and maintenance of active equipment

Services for Rai: Rai Way’s Contract with Rai

Through our portfolio of more than 2,300 towers distributed across Italy, as well as a high-capacity contribution network which connects client offices, Rai Way is the company responsible for the management of TV and radio signals for RAI Group. These are sourced from the production centres and delivered to the end-user (TV and radio broadcasting and contribution services).
The Turnkey Service Contract between Rai and Rai Way has been effective since 1 July 2014 with a duration of 7 years, and is extendable for two more periods, each of 7 years.
In December 2019, as part of the agreement which regulates investments and remuneration for re-farming activities, the Service Contract was renewed in advance for its second 7-year stint, until July 2028 (the possibility to extend a further seven years still remains).
The fee for this turnkey service is updated each year with 100% of inflation registered from the previous year. In 2020, the value of this contract was equal to €179.2 million.
The service contract also covers an exclusivity in favour of Rai Way in terms of the provision of the evolving services mentioned above, linked to the development of new networks or technologies and transmission standards. This exclusivity was originally omitted, but is necessary in carrying out turnkey services. In 2020, the revenue value related to these services was equal to €12.1 million.

Financial Highlights 2021
€229.9 million
Core revenue
Adjusted Ebitda margin
€87.9 million
Net debt
€65.4 million
Net profit

Revenue Breakdown 2021

(in thousands of Euros)