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National Control Centers

Continuous controls and monitoring to guarantee reliability, security, and a high-quality service.

Rai Way’s National Control Centres

Our National Control Centres serve two purposes. Specifically, they oversee:

  • remote configuration and monitoring activities;
  • the management of restoration interventions on Rai Way’s transmission and broadcasting networks.

These centres, which are operational 24/7, form a national reference point for all operational issues, and are constantly connected to each other. They carry out, respectively:

  • transmission network controls, run by the Transmission Network Operations Centre & Services Delivery (T-NOC&SD), situated in Rome;
  • broadcasting network controls, run by the Broadcasting Network Operations Centre (B-NOC), situated in Milan.

Transmission Network Operations Centre & Services Delivery (T-NOC&SD) of Rome

The National Control Centre of Rome carries out the remote configuration, management,  and remote monitoring of multiplex generation platforms , and monitoring of multiplex generator platforms (a.k.a. Head Ends) and of fibre optic networks, radio and satellite links for the transmission of services.

In particular, it guarantees:

  • configuration and remote control of broadcast network, of Head Ends and services;
  • alarm management of the transmission network trouble ticketing process used to track and resolve malfunctioning reports;
  • the management of restoration interventions on transmission networks and Head Ends in the event of an alarm;
  • the provision of national and international contribution services;
  • monitoring the quality of services

The development activities of the T-NOC&SD are always aimed at rationalising the management systems of networks and services, and making them efficient. Their objective is to improve the level of quality and regularity of services.

This centre also forms part of the interface for the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) control centre in Geneva, for the broadcasting of international transmissions on the Eurovision network.

Broadcasting Network Operations Centre (B-NOC) of Milan

The National Control Centre in Milan remotely controls and monitors the main broadcasting sites and the services they carry out, guaranteeing the correct functioning of broadcasting systems across the country. The Milan centre guarantees, in particular:

  • remote configuration and control of the main broadcasting sites and services;
  • the management of alarms and the trouble ticketing process of the main broadcasting sites;
  • the management of interventions to restore the broadcasting network in the event of an alarm;
  • the management of the process of communicating disruptions to broadcasting equipment

Investments and upgrades in our control centres

The technological investments regularly made by Rai Way ensure notable benefits in terms of service continuity and regularity. In particular, we continuously enhance and optimise the software used to remotely carry out control checks; the expansion of digital networks and radio links has allowed us to extend our remote controls to reach a larger number of sites. It has also enabled us to transmit a greater quantity of useful information in monitoring and telemanaging the main broadcasting centres.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

With reference to network cybersecurity, a third control centre is currently being launched and developed. The Security Operations Centre (SOC) aims to:

  • guarantee cybersecurity through overseeing and monitoring systems and networks
  • carry out security measures and operational procedures defined to manage threats and vulnerability in telecommunication and broadcasting networks, as well as in IT systems and infrastructure
  • carry out vulnerability assessments/management
  • manage the accounting of network systems and equipment, excluding IT systems
  • manage the accounting of network systems and equipment, excluding IT systems
  • supervise and detect warnings, identify and manage incidents related to cybersecurity, and carry out remediation activities

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