The ethical and legal culture within a business contributes to the identification of and combatting against potential illicit and irregular behaviour. Because of this, the company has adopted a specific procedure against whistleblowing, using particular reporting channels.
Reporting may be carried out:

  • by individual members of company staff;
  • by collaborators, clients, consultants, partners, and suppliers of work, goods, and services, with their respective employees and collaborators.

Objects of reporting may include:

  • alleged violations of our Code of Ethics, he Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, or of the Anticorruption Policy;
  • alleged violations of other internal provisions or regulations and applicable laws, or any measures outlined by the Public Authority;
  • alleged illicit, fraudulent, or irregular behaviour regarding Rai Way and/or any relationships with the company;
  • alleged behaviour which worsens any financial prejudice or the company image.

The report must contain useful elements which will permit the individuals facing the procedure to undergo any necessary or appropriate verifications and investigations, and to confirm the validity of the facts reported in the notification.

The report must be carried out in good faith and must not contain insults, personal offences, or moral judgments intended to offend or damage the reputation of the reported. It is brought to the attention of the Manager of Rai Way’s Audit Function and therefore, through the Supervisory Board (see above), of the Referee for Anticorruption Measures (see below), and to the Standing Committee for the Code of Ethics, regarding profiles or competence. Certain functional measures are put into place to guarantee the preservation of the reporter’s identity, and the reputation and honourability of those mentioned in the report. The protection of the reporter is also guaranteed relating to potential retaliatory or discriminatory actions which may arise from the report.

The report may be carried out via:

  • a reserved digital platform made available at (preferred channel);
  • an email to the following address:;
  • a letter addressed to the company’s registered office (Via Teulada 66, 00195 Roma, RM) in a sealed double envelope, to the exclusive attention of the Function Audit Manager.