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Prizes and Recognition

Rai Way certified Top Employer 2022

The Top Employer Certificate is the result of research carried out using independent methodology on objective data. In 2022, Rai Way was recognised for the excellent working conditions offered to employees, for the training and development policies made available to all levels of the company, for the strategies and management of human resources, and for the continued improvement of HR policies and practices.

The Top Employers Institute particularly recognised our distinctive efforts in business strategy, people strategy, and leadership for Ethics and Integrity values.

Rai Way #2 Best Climber in Web-Ranking Research 2021 – 2022

In 2021, Rai Way made it to the podium of the Best Climbers in Italy, having improved by 20 points in Web-Ranking Italia, compared to 2020. Rai Way established itself as “#2 best climber Italy”, coming 34th out of 111 corporately evaluated sites in the Italian rankings. Our 50.7 points out of 100 catapulted us into the “3 Star” business category.

Web-Rranking Italia is Europe’s main survey, carried out by Lundquist. It evaluates and classifies the transparency of the digital channels of the biggest companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, and rewards those who are distinguished for their abilities in marrying efficient narration with concrete projects.

Rai Way on the Innovation 4 Change Podium 2021

Rai Way placed second in the 2021 edition of "Innovation 4 Change’: Italy’s main impact innovation programme, born from a collaboration between the Collège des Ingénieurs Italia, Turin Polytechnic University, and IdeaSquare. It aims to create ideas and innovative solutions for change, to better the future for all communities.

The young and talented group at Rai Way who undertook this challenge had to think up a new model of television and its network – the structure which allows for this. Through the use of only a remote control and a television set, they were tasked with inventing new, interactive services and an exchange of personalised information in a way that was accessible even to those who struggle to adapt to new technology. They had to use smart devices, therefore favouring the prospect of social sustainability, as well as bridging the gap created by the cultural digital divide.