ESG rating

Rai Way's sustainability performance is regularly assessed by the main international ESG rating providers. This page reports the results of the latest assessments received.

The improvement of ESG ratings is part of the Company's broader ESG strategy, outlined in the Sustainability Plan.

B - Management

7 december 2021

Negligible risk (6,6)

6 december 2021


14 january 2022

85° percentile

28 march 2022

At the Italian level, since 2019 Rai Way has participated in the Sole 24 Ore ESG Observatory, and since 2021, it has participated in the Integrated Governance Index (IGI), promoted by Etica News with the aim of measuring the degree of integration of sustainability policies in the strategies of Italian companies. On 15 june 2022, Rai Way was awarded the "Conscious" label, placing 44th out of 86 participating companies.