Rai Way services

Network services

Professional, added-value services which support the broadcasting sector.

Production with no interference

For large events, we provide frequency coordination services for all wireless equipment, such as radio cameras, radio microphones, and communication and control systems used by broadcasters for production and personalisation.

  • Preventative measures for surveying all available frequencies in the area, and identifying any potential interruptions;
  • Implementation of frequency assignment plans;
  • Collaboration with the relevant authorities and support in obtaining authorisation;
  • Continuous supervision of frequencies in areas of interest;
  • Identification of uncoordinated interference signals in the area.

We have contributed to the establishment of important sport, culture, and entertainment events.

Quality Control Service

Verify and monitor the reception in service areas.

We make our technicians available – as well as our most advanced equipment and our globally recognised expertise – to provide you with all the information you need on the quality of broadcasting networks DVB-T2, DAB+ and FM. We verify real-time signal quality in more than 70 provinces across Italy, investigating any potential interruptions to services.

See more about our quality control service.

Specialised services in the radio protection sector

Thanks to our international experience, and using state-of-the-art tools, we are able to provide support in the evaluation of electromagnetic radiation levels.

  • NIR measurements (non-ionizing radiation).
  • Consultation for environmental inconsistencies and land reclamation.
  • Expert support in legal causes (CTP).

Consultation in the Network Definition Process

We help you define and execute your network plans.

Ask us anything: from site and frequency planning to the implementation and installation of broadcasting systems, connections, and infrastructures.

Technical training

We offer high-level training courses in the following areas:

  • Digital broadcasting networks;
  • Transmission networks and management systems;
  • DTT, multimedia, and value-added services;
  • Project management, organisation, and processes;
  • Transmission network maintenance.

The experience and knowledge of our specialised technicians is our quality assurance seal.