New services and Innovation

Innovation at the heart of our strategies

Innovation, research and digital transformation

To us, innovation, research, and digital transformation are strategic tools with which to value our company knowledge and technological assets. The markets we operate in are greatly evolving.That’s why innovation and expansion of knowledge are guiding factors through which we can pursue our objective: to develop new business models capable of generating long-term value for our stakeholders. At the same time, this guarantees security and reliability in our activities.

Innovation for Sustainability

Developing innovative technology and contributing to the digitalisation of our country is one of the 6 strategic guidelines in our Sustainability Plan.

Reinforcing digital innovation abilities
Facilitating a digital evolution for the company and its stakeholders

Investing in research and development for innovative applications for infrastructures


Research, Scouting and Experimentation

Preparing the company for mid- to long-term change. This is the objective of Rai Way’s Innovation and Research structure.

Digital Transformation

Improving internal processes and enabling new services: this is a necessity which involves infrastructure, platforms, and people. All of this is embodied by the Digital Transformation process.

The role of Rai Way for the New Digital TV

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