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Training on the job

Alternating School-Work Opportunities and Internships

We care about the professionals of tomorrow

As part of our social responsibility and our focus on the community in which we operate, we have consolidated our relationship with schools and the academic world over the years. Our objective is to introduce young people to the world of work, and to support their growth. This course, developed through an alternating school-work system, and through welcoming interns into the company, allows us not only to actively contribute to the training of tomorrow’s young professionals, but allows us also to better understand their needs and expectations for the future.

Introducing young people to the world of communications

With our “The Way to the Future” project, launched in academic year 2016-2017 and renewed until 2022, we intend to contribute to the acquisition of transversal skills and to the training of young people who attend, particularly, technical high schools. Alongside didactic training programmes, Rai Way’s ‘Master Mentors’ carry out 30 hours of training each year. The best students are then offered the chance to carry out a work experience in one of two ways:

  • Summer JOB: Shadowing the Master Mentors in their workplace for at least one week.
  • Summer CAMP: Simulating company activities within laboratories, the students experiment with concrete issues from the working world, and acquire teamwork skills.

Even during the lockdowns, thanks to virtual classroom meetings, we worked with more than 94 students, totalling 105 hours of training.

The Story of a Master Mentor: Maurizio Lembo

“I’m the regional manager for Puglia and Molise, and I participated as a Master Mentor in the first three-year school-work project. After training with ELIS, and with the support of Rai Way’s HR functions, I structured – in collaboration with two colleagues – a programme aimed at students in the fourth and fifth year of an industrial and telecommunications high school.

This project provided an opportunity to introduce students to broadcasting, and to share with them the values of public service through theoretical and practical lessons in the school’s laboratory. I call it the ‘open-air workshop’! In 2019, the student who won the Summer Job spent one week with me; he accompanied me to sites and I showed him how the controls and maintenance work. All in all, it was an interesting experience for everyone.”

Internships: Supporting Talent

We arrange ad hoc conventions with some of Italy’s most prestigious academic institutions. Additionally, we participate in specific initiatives which support ‘training-on-the-job’ experiences, in the form of curricular and extra-curricular internships. These are aimed at recent and talented graduates.