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We are particularly sympathetic to the welfare and work-life balance needs of the company community. This focus characterises the company action, as also reflected within our Sustainability Plan.

Work-Life Balance

In terms of work-life balance, we particularly offer:

  • Flexible working: once the state of emergency has passed, we intend to develop a company culture which promotes ‘new ways of working’. In our Sustainability Plan, we have set an objective of configuring a structured flexible working model which involves at least 45% of our resources.
  • Granting sabbaticals and part-time work.
  • The protection of students’ right to study, in particular through hours of permission from work to carry out university exams.
  • The implementation of extra hours off for special events or specific family needs.
  • Family leave.
  • Innovative tools such as the ‘Time Bonus’

The ‘Time Bonus’ rewards results with extra hours off work

Our Time Bonus, launched in 2017 and awarded with an Excellence and Innovation HR Award in 2018, is an innovative company reward initiative which allows the employee to take hours off work. In particular, employees who are set apart by the quality of their performance can benefit from extra hours of permission to be used for personal needs.

Company welfare and Performance Bonus

We participate in Rai Group’s ‘company welfare’ and benefit system. Rai’s Collective Contract for Employees/Workers, applicable to all Rai Way personnel, promotes benefits related to healthcare and supplementary pensions, as well as conventions for performance and/or special terms which support the buying power of our people.

The trade union agreement of 2019 on the company Performance Bonus, valid for the three-year period 2019-2021, allowed for non-managerial personnel to benefit from a collective economic incentive specifically linked to company results for the first time.

Rai Way’s Performance Bonus – Highlights

  • Objectives based on technical-productive specifics and on the company’s competitive position;
  • Valuing training hours carried out by personnel;
  • Mechanisms dedicated to welfare through the implementation of fringe benefits.

Our people also have the chance to convert the economic component of the company Performance Bonus into welfare services, through a dedicated platform shared with Parent Company Rai.

Rai Way’s Support for Personal Growth

Rai Way protects the right to study, and facilitates this with hours of permission from work to take exams, in accordance with Rai’s Collective Contract for Employees/Workers.

In particular, working students – including those at university – who have to take exams have the right to make use of daily permission hours for all exam days. If they pass this exam, they may also claim back the hours for the two days prior. For final secondary school exams, a total of twenty days are attributed. Three days are granted for the presentation of university dissertations. Any exams related to Master’s degrees legally recognised by Italian universities, or similar post-graduate courses, will be recognised with a day off on the day of the exam.

The Company identifies and promotes training courses which fulfil professional improvement obligations, as outlined by the professional associations internal resources are part of.

Additionally, in granting sabbaticals, any requests for study or improvement specific to the employee’s professional improvement are favoured, when compatible with company needs.