Objectives and actions

A concrete plan which generates value

Our 2023 Sustainability Plan guides us along an ambitious journey aimed at generating sustainable value for our stakeholders. Our commitment is solidified by a series of precise objectives and actions relating to the environmental, social, governance, and innovation fields.

Our Objectives

In coherence with the six strategic guidelines defined by our Sustainability Plan, we have identified 20 qualitative objectives and 16 quantitative targets. Below, you’ll find these principles outlined in detail for each strategic guideline.

1. Fight climate change and reduce environmental impact

Over the course of the next three years, we will fight to combat climate change and reduce our environmental impact. We have established an ambitious objective for 2025: to become carbon neutral. We also intend to improve our management systems for the reduction of environmental impact, and have attained investments of more than 100 million Euros to be spent on systems and tools which allow a more efficient energy transition.

Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
Spread a culture of environmental respect among stakeholders
Improve management systems to reduce environmental impacts


  • Carbon neutral by 2025 (Scope 1+2)
  • Emissions reduction (Scope 1+2) of 10% vs 2020
  • EE consumption reduction of 10% vs 2020 values
  • Invest over € 100 million in more energy efficient systems and equipment ✓
  • 100% of energy from renewable sources ✓
  • Mantain the recycling level of waste produced over 99% ✓
  • Manager cars 100% hybrid/electric

2. Promote the wellbeing and development of our people

We recognise the value of our community and reward the competence and ability of our employees through investing in training and development initiatives aimed to encourage professional growth. We focus particularly on topics relating to equal opportunities, and value diversity and inclusivity. We work to ensure sustainable performance, fusing the company’s objectives with the needs and wellbeing of the community’s work-life-balance.

Promote diversity and ensure inclusion
Increase employee engagement
Ensure work-life balance


  • 35% of less-well represented gender in managerial positions ✓
  • Performance Share Plan for Managers ✓
  • Involvement off all staff (100% employees) in employee satisfaction surveys ✓
  • Configuration of a structural model of agile work for at least 45% of employees ✓

3. Contribute to the social, cultural, and economic development of the community and the landscape.

Our wide-stretching presence across the country allows us close contact with our stakeholders, as well as providing our clients with a personal and accessible service. We work hard to create value for our community and the surrounding areas in which we operate. We are also committed to making digital services even more accessible to the public through better DTT coverage, ensured by our re-farming project.

Increase access to digital services
Increase commitment to socio-cultural initiatives benefitting the community
Promote landscape impact reduction


  • Improvement of the coverage of RAI thelematic MUX for over 1000 Italian municipalities ✓

4. Ensure high health and safety standards throughout the value chain

The quality of our services and our safety are indispensable values for us at Rai Way. We are dedicated to establishing the best standards of workplace health and safety; we achieve this through training programmes which diffuse a culture of safety throughout our employees. We pay particular attention to security along the entire length of the value chain, guaranteeing a monitoring and control of all electromagnetic radiation produced by our systems

Ensure the company's workplace health and safety standars are monitored
Promote health and safety culture at work
Guarantee electromagnetic radiations control and compliance

5. Develop and maintain a governance system aligned to the best practices, integrated with sustainability profiles

We work to maintain and reinforce our governance system, always integrating sustainability principles along the supply chain. We’ve introduced a remunerative component linked to the achievement of ESG objectives.

Ensure respect for Privacy and Data Security
Adhere to external standards on ethics and anti-corruption
Ensuring diversity of management and control bodies
Integrate sustainability principles throughout the supply chain
Strengthening governance oversight of sustainability


  • Involve 80% of registered suppliers in ESG engagement initiatives
  • Adopt an LTI plan with 20% of objectives ESG related ✓

6. Develop technological innovation and contribute to the digitalisation of the country.

We have provided an investment of around 200 million Euros in technological innovation and digital transformation for 2023; with this, we plan to implement a digital upgrade of our infrastructure and experiment with offering innovative services.

Strengthen digital development skills
Enable the company and stakeholders' digital evolution
Invest in research and development for innovative uses of the infrastructure


  • Invest approx. €200 million in technological development and digital transformation projects
  • Involveall employees (100%) in digital skills training initiatives

Quantitative Targets

Our plan collectively includes quantitative ESG targets measured by 14 metrics. We monitor these constantly.

We pursue concrete and achievable goals through initiatives that are consistent with our sustainability strategy and DNA