ESG ratings reward Rai Way's sustainability

ESG ratings reward Rai Way's sustainability

Rome, 10 December 2021 - Just under a year after the approval of the first Sustainability Plan, Rai Way's commitment on the ESG front has also been recognised by the main rating providers, confirming the increasing integration of sustainability in its business strategy.

Rai Way has in fact reached the "B - Management" level according to CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), a global non-profit organisation specialised in the assessment of the performance and climate strategies adopted by companies, having demonstrated that it conducts a coordinated and transparent action on issues related to climate change. In particular, Rai Way has defined a carbon neutrality target for 2025, has confirmed its 100% supply of electricity from renewable sources also in 2021 and applies best practices in climate change governance and risk management.

The Sustainalytics rating company, part of the Morningstar financial services group, also acknowledged Rai Way's commitment during 2021, reducing ESG risk from Low (11.7) to Negligible (6.6), with a score assigned to management measures that increased from Average (46.5/100) to Strong (76.6) on all macro-categories examined. In terms of overall ranking, Rai Way is among the top companies worldwide.

The major upgrades in the two ratings testify to management's commitment and focus on coordinated action on climate change issues and continuous improvement of ESG parameters.