The Rai Way Project presented at the demo day for the closing of I4C 2022

The Rai Way Project presented at the demo day for the closing of I4C 2022

Turin, 27 June 2022 - The seventh edition of Innovation4Change, I4C, in which Rai Way participated for the second consecutive year, ended with today's demo day.

Innovation4Change is the Impact Innovation programme organised by Collège des Ingénieurs Italia, CERN IdeaSquare and Politecnico di Torino, in which teams of PhDs from top European universities seek to provide innovative solutions to today's social, economic and environmental problems.

In this edition of I4C, Rai Way, in collaboration with Fondazione Vigamus – owner of the Museum of Videogames in Rome and Vigamus Academy, launched the challenge "The Future of Social Television: Learning While Playing".

Television has always played and continues to play a privileged informational and educational role in the homes of Italian citizens, using ever-changing methods over time depending on the technologies available in terms of networks and services.

Confirming its role as a company that succeeds in combining dynamism and attention to the evolution of the market with an institutional identity built up over decades of history as a network operator for public service broadcasting, Rai Way aimed to propose a project to enable innovative communication for educational, training, social value and cultural purposes through the evolution of its networks and services. By supporting and incorporating into the television medium the current "social" approach that young people prefer to learn and stay informed, the goal is to reduce the barriers to entry to modern digital technologies, playing a decisive role in limiting the problem of the digital divide from the point of view of the use of public utility services and thus also representing a means of levelling out the social divide.

The solution identified by the talented young team working on the Rai Way challenge is ClickPillz, a microlearning platform for TV and smartphones that creates interactions between users through informative quiz challenges related to their favourite programmes. This innovative tool arises from the virtuous synergy between the television set, modern smart devices and the founding logic of gaming, aiming to offer users a series of interactive public utility content, auxiliary educational tools, social communication vehicles and training, education and scientific, cultural and artistic outreach instruments.

Commenting on the work done by the Rai Way team, Umberto Babuscio, the Company's Chief Business Development Officer, stated: "Clickpillz is intended as an impactful innovation capable of affecting social interaction habits and approaches in a virtuous perspective of sustainability. It is a service that raises the average cultural level and promotes integration and inclusion, maximising the potential of individuals."