Rai Way wins MISE 5G Audiovisual tender with "5G Audiovisual Broadband Broadcast Network" project

Rai Way wins the MISE “5G audiovisual 2022” tender with innovative use cases in the cities of Palermo and Turin

Rai Way was awarded the financing of the MISE 5G Audiovisual tender with the project “5G Audiovisual Broadband Broadcast Network”, coming fourth in the ranking out of a total of 19 participants.

The tender provided for a total funding of 4 million euro, with a maximum of 1 million euro per single project, to promote the development of use cases specifically aimed at the use and development of the fifth mobile generation (5G) in the production and distribution of contents also through the use of the 700 MHz band.

As a result of the selection procedure, the MISE awarded a loan of approximately 1 million euro to the project presented by Rai Way, as leader of a business aggregation consisting of numerous other companies and entities such as: RAI, Politecnico di Milano, Municipality of Turin, Rohde&Schwarz Italy, MainStreaming, Linkem, Impersive, Kinecar, La Sicilia Multimedia, Rete 7, in addition to the Superintendence of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo.

The Rai Way project involves the experimentation of 5G Broadcast with coverage of the areas of the cities of Palermo and Turin and the creation of innovative use cases with the production of audiovisual content in locations identified in the aforementioned cities, using innovative technologies (shooting in Virtual Reality 360°, Production distributed across multiple locations through the use of 5G Private Network) and with content distribution networks in live mode based on innovative 5G Broadcast and Broadband architectures and technologies (using CDN Local Edge), for reception on mobile devices, in indoor and outdoor scenarios and also in the automotive context.

Mauro D’Onofrio, Head of Innovation&Research of Rai Way's Technology Department, commented “We are very satisfied that our project has been awarded, which connects innovative and technological elements of the distribution network with the production of audiovisual content. 5G Broadcast technology represents an ideal bridge between Rai Way's core business, linked to the new generation digital terrestrial broadcasting, and the development initiatives in the distribution, capillary and on a national scale, of audiovisual content on broadband networks that the Company is implementing in line with the 2020-2023 Business Plan. On the innovative services front, the contribution of synchronous contents shot from different locations will be implemented through the use of private 5G networks for the broadcasting of the audiovisual produced in live mode, the immersive VR360 shooting, the live use in the Metaverse, the use of the TiltBrush tool and much more.”