New services and innovation

Digital transformation

Innovation, a transversal process

To us at Rai Way, innovation is a transversal process which involves all functions and sectors within the company. That’s why we are implementing an ample digital transformation project, which looks not only at our platforms and infrastructure, but at our people, to whom we are dedicating around 20 million Euros.

Digitalisation and new technology open new possibilities in the way we manage our assets, particularly in relation to the Internet of Things.

Anticipatory maintenance of systems

Today we control more than 2,300 sites, as well as their respective electronic equipment for transmission and broadcasting, using anticipatory maintenance and planning inspection visits. Over the past two years, we have experimented with anticipatory maintenance solutions in seeking to predict failure and preparing an appropriate method of maintenance intervention.

We have carried out pilot projects on two systems: manual measuring and automatic measuring through the installation of sensors at the broadcasting site. This is based on the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and upon Artificial Intelligence.

At the three sites they have been installed in, the sensors registered environmental characteristics (temperature, pressure, particles, humidity, wind, etc.). The analysis of the collected data, when combined with those of the systems, allowed us to send out preventative maintenance teams, thus saving both time and resources.

Anticipatory maintenance of infrastructure

For our infrastructure – the mechanical and metal elements of our tower sites – we have launched a collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan. This collaboration aims to classify our sites in terms of their risk level. Beginning with an analysis of data, the project has allowed us to define six tower categories, determining a cycle which differs from the maintenance cycle.

New BSS and OSS platforms

We are putting new innovative, totally cloud-based ecosystems into place which will revolutionise our way of operating, making our position on the market ever more competitive.

The BSS platform (Business Support System), will oversee all managerial and economic aspects of our company, including:

  • customer management;
  • asset management;
  • accounts;
  • workforce management.

The launch of an integrated platform for these areas has allowed us to become one of Europe’s most forward-thinking companies.

The OSS platform (Operational Support System) will control our infrastructure and our assets, based on an integration of:

  • a cloud-based platform, with distributed edge computing nodes;
  • a physical network with sensors, probes, and control infrastructure all installed onto our towers and within our sites.

The OSS platform will allow greater efficiency in internal processes, as well as an organic network vision. This will, in turn, pave the way for new innovative and efficient services for the future.

Training: a driving force for digital transformation

As a company, we have undertaken a process of Digital Learning, beginning from the mapping of challenges and technological and business priorities, as well as identifying the organisation’s key skills. Through this process, we aim to organise and implement targeted training courses; by 2023, we want these courses to involve all employees in training initiatives based on digital skills.

La digitalizzazione e le nuove tecnologie aprono nuove possibilità per gestire i nostri asset, legate in particolare all’Internet of Things.

Scopri il nostro approccio alla formazione

The key element of digital change is not only enabling technology, but a cultural shift.