Rai Way, sempre al vostro fianco

Rai Way confirmed Top Employer 2018


For the second consecutive year, Rai Way has received the Top Employers Italia award, confirming its caring attitude towards its employees and highlighting the transformative journey the company has embarked upon in terms of management and use of in-house talent. It marks the recognition of Rai Way as a company that successfully creates a constructive working environment where the value of its professional staff is appreciated.

The survey conducted by the Top Employers Institute revealed an overall improvement in results following the first year of the award. This confirms the high level of commitment shown by the company and its HR department, with particular reference to the three survey areas: Talent Strategy, On-boarding and Performance Management.

Stefania Cinque, Chief Human Resources Officer of Rai Way, noted how “in our approach to skills optimisation and enhancement, an integral part of the organisational turn-around in progress and the development of our corporate strategic position, the receipt of the Top Employers award for the second year in a row testifies to the focus that the top management places on human resources and the recognition of talent and skills, which is a key factor in the development of the competitive dimension”.