Digital Radio

T-DMB, Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting, and DAB+, Digital Audio Broadcasting+, are new expressions of Digital Radio and are predisposed to deliver innovative information and entertainment services in step with modern lifestyles and ways of listening to radio.

The trial launched in January 2009 by Caterpillar, a programme of Radio 2, is the RAI Group’s first experience with Digital Radio, in which Rai Way is proud to collaborate and offer both technical and innovative support.


Digital radio broadcasting, intended as a “Visual Radio”, opens new potential options for:

  • information on the go
  • local information contents
  • enriching and giving depth to audio programs
  • customized listening thanks to the new “pause” and “rewind” functions.

The advantages of Digital Radio are:

  • a more efficient use of the spectrum without switching-off analogue radio
  • lthe possibility of widening the range of contents offered to users
  • lower electromagnetic impact albeit with an equal level of radio broadcasts

For Rai Way, the many ways of “making” Digital Radio find their best applications in:

  • high-quality digital sound with DAB+
  • image and video viewing coupled with DMB-encoded audio
  • data transmission used towards developing value added services like:
    • (information on: traffic, weather, news, places of interest...) through the use of the TPEG standard
    • entertainment (Gaming, Widget, Personal Radio…) through the use of the BIFS standard

Promotion Digital Radio

In line with its vision on the potential of digital radio and on the future scenarios for the delivery of different technological platforms, in March 2008 Rai Way established ARD, “Associazione per la Radiofonia Digitale in Italia”, in partnership with Aeranti-Corallo and RNA – Radio Nazionali Associate.
The aim underlying the initiative is to create a common front in promoting the start-up and multi-operator development of new digital terrestrial radio in Italy.

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