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Transmission Services

The services are provided by means of the transmission network developed by Rai Way in the last few years, to cope with the growing demand for capacity by RAI and other customers, using a technology that is able to host new services and cooperate with other communication networks. 


The Rai Way transmission network recently completed with the development of a terrestrial digital transmission network, supplies the radio-television signal broadcasting network and enables the collection and conveyance of the contributions necessary for production. It also integrates, in a single network structure, connections in digital radio link using SDH technology, satellite links and fibre optic. In addition to the main connections with the production premises, the access network consists of:

  • mobile radio link connections, installed as required to occasionally connect external recording sites to the fixed network (approximately 80 access points)
  • satellite connections as support to external recording using mobile means via satellite
  • urban connections, in coaxial cables and/or fibre optics, essentially present in the cities of Rome, Milan and Turin, used to connect important venues of cultural and sports events and some institutional and political sites.

The Rai Way transmission network is developing constantly and is structured over the whole national territory with approximately 120 stations connected by means of digital radio links using SDH technology, satellite and fibre optics able to provide the following functions:

  • contribution, i.e. the exchange of programmes between the local sites (for our customer RAI: the Regional capitals) and the Production Sites (for our customer RAI: Rome, Milan, Turin and Naples) as important support to the editorial activities of the television networks and journalistic productions of Italian and foreign broadcasters
  • distribution, i.e. the transmission of national and regional radio and television programmes to all transmitting centres (primary broadcasting centres, from which the broadcasting network unwinds)
  • data and telephony transmission both connected with programmes of our customer, RAI, and for internal corporate services