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Rai Way constantly follows the evolution of its Transmission Network, which is capable of:



  • combining optical fibre connections, digital radio and satellite links in a single network structure;
  • feeding the radio and television signal broadcasting network and allowing the collection and transfer of contributions required for production activities.

Through this high performance network, Rai Way is able to perform the following activities: 

  • distribution, meaning the transfer of national and regional television programmes to all the primary broadcasting centres;
  • contribution, meaning the exchange of programmes between the local offices and the production centres of the various customers as key support for the editorial activity of the television networks and newspapers and Italian and international broadcasters;
  • transfer of voice and digital information.





Booking and special events

The first stage in providing transmission services consists of an analysis of the customer’s needs with the aim of identifying the most suitable solution. This analysis provides details of the resources that are needed, which may include, where necessary, finding transmission facilities that are supplementary to the Rai Way network. The main audio-video transmission services are of two types:

  • dedicated point-to-point links: this service consists of transferring the customer’s video and audio signals between two set points using Rai Way’s infrastructure;
  • permanent urban links: these are links that, in general, are implemented at an urban level between the customer’s facilities and the Rai Way network;
  • temporary network services: for occasional transmissions or transmissions for set intervals between two points within the Rai Way network;
  • “ad hoc” solutions: these are designed to meet a customer’s specific needs when these do not form part of the set services described above and involve a preliminary study to find the most suitable technical solution. When necessary, these solutions are implemented with the support of resources additional to the Rai Way network.