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Tower Rental

Rai Way, with its portfolio of more than 2,300 sites spread throughout the country, is the ideal partner for companies that want to implement a telecommunications network to support their business. The service gives the customer the possibility of using civil and building services infrastructure, maintained according to rigorous quality standards, for the installation of radio transmitter stations. Rai Way can offer the necessary support to the customer, from the preparatory stages through to activation of the transmitter station; from the choice of the site to systems testing. The customer can keep control of the various stages of the implementation process, entrusting Rai Way with the activities that can be effectively conducted on the basis of its assets and know-how. Among the customers of these services are leading fixed and mobile telecom operators, important public administration sectors, and local and national TV and radio broadcasters.


Hosting is the main service offered in the area of Tower Rental. Once the site has been identified, the service includes:

  • preliminary feasibility studies;
  • planning of feasibility inspections to be carried out with the customer;
  • site surveys to provide the customer with useful information to assess the suitability of the site to locate its network;
  • availability of space on the Rai Way site;
  • general maintenance of the site and civil infrastructure (towers, buildings, technology systems, access road, etc.).

Rai Way offers quality solutions

Alongside high-quality infrastructure, the company offers a specialist regional organization and a sales team able to offer appropriate support to the customer to find solutions to critical issues, with maximum flexibility and availability. From the identification of sites to the activation of transmitter stations, the Rai Way Account Manager is always at your side.