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This area contains the required information under the regulations on transparency and prevention of corruption.

Calls for Tenders and Contract Announcements

Transparency - suppliers - publication pursuant to Italian Law 190/2012

The National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) published Resolution no. 39 of 20 January 2016, which provides indications to public administrations regarding fulfilment of obligations to publish and send information in open format, pursuant to article 1, paragraph 32 of Italian Law 190/2012, as amended by article 8, paragraph 2, of Italian Law no. 69/2015.

In particular, this includes the obligation for contracting stations to publish, on their own institutional websites, with reference to proceedings pursuant to paragraph 16, letter b) of the same law, the following information: proposing body; purpose of the tender; list of operators invited to present a bid; the winning tenderer; the amount of the tender awarded; schedule for completion of the work, service or supply; amount of sums liquidated. Article 8, paragraph 2 of Italian Law no. 69 of 27 May 2015, integrating the previously mentioned article 1, paragraph 32 of Italian Law 190/2012, establishes the obligation to send this information to the former Commission for Assessment, Transparency and Integrity for Public Administrations (now ANAC), on a half-yearly basis.

Information on transparency for the contract awarding phase can be found on the suppliers portal (Go to the Rai Way suppliers portal) found in the section Notices - Transparent Company - Awarding of Contracts.

Personal information published can be reused only under the conditions established by the regulations on the reuse of public information (EU Directive 2003/98/EC and Italian Legislative Decree 36/2006, implementing the same), in terms compatible with the purposes for which they were collected and registered, and in compliance with the regulations on protection of personal information.

Other content - Corruption

In implementation of the provisions pursuant to Italian Law 190/2012, containing provisions to prevent and repress corruption and illegality in public administrations and based on the indications found in the National Anti-Corruption Plan, Rai Way has adopted, through a Board of Directors resolution on 30 January 2015, the 2015-2017 Three Year Corruption Prevention Plan. On 29 January 2016, the Rai Way Board of Directors approved the new 2016-2018 Three Year Corruption Prevention Plan.

Report pursuant to article 1, paragraph 14 of Italian Law no. 190 of 2012

Appointment of the Head of Corruption Prevention

On 16.12.2014 the Rai Way Board of Directors resolved to appoint Angela Pace as the Head of Preventing Corruption ( , effective as of 21 January 2015.

Three Year Corruption Prevention Plan


With an eye to supporting and facilitating whistleblowing by providing information, preferably swiftly, about problems and/or dangers to the Company, given the significant public interest, the rpc email address is published here (, which can be used to send notifications relative to violations of the protocols established by the Three Year Corruption Prevention Plan and/or illicit conduct relative to Rai Way, without prejudice to the guarantees that the Rai Way TYCPP foresees, in order to protect the whistleblower, and among other things, a requirement of confidentiality relative to all those who receive or become aware of the notification and for those who subsequently become involved in the notification management process, with the exception of communications required by law. An individual who violates this requirement, in the absence of an appropriate justification, will receive a sanction proportional: (i) to the seriousness of the violation, (ii) the consequence of the violation, (iii) the subjective level of guilt of the agent, and (iv) the position held.