Corporate Governance

Governance System

The term "corporate governance" means all those rules and, more generally, the system of corporate governance that is used to manage and audit the Company.

Rai Way has provided itself with a corporate governance system in line with applicable regulatory provisions and rules, almost fully compliant with the provisions of the Code of Conduct for listed companies, prepared by the Corporate Governance Committee for listed committees established by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and in line with international best practices. Worthy of note is the central role of the Board of Directors, proper management of conflicts of interest, the efficiency of the internal audit system and transparency with regards to the market.

Rai Way has adopted a "traditional" administration system, in which the Board of Directors serves as the management body, while the supervisory function is assigned to the Board of Auditors. The governance structure and overall organisational system are also in line with the objective of maximising management efficiency and continuing to create increasing value for all Rai Way shareholders.