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Its long experience in broadcasting, gained in the field, enables Rai Way to ensure that its customers have access to tailored advice, electromagnetic impact measurement services and technical training designed to guide the customer through the use of specific products.

Advisory activities

Building on the successes it has achieved in practice in the rapid conversion to digital of its broadcasting network, Rai Way has set out the possible areas in which it can provide customers with support for their needs, either throughout the digitalization process chain or for individual stages. Our principal skill focus is the broadcasting sector, where Rai Way offers the support of its experts for the process of setting up a broadcasting network: from the planning of sites and frequencies through to the construction and installation of broadcasting equipment, connections and infrastructure.

Technical training

In the training field, Rai Way proposes open and flexible formulas, which might be organized in customizable modules, designed to support the most effective conveyance of knowledge and skills as for the use of products and services made available. The training covers activities in which Rai Way has had direct experience for several years; the added value provided is not only to be found in the specific topics being taught but also in the instructor’s practical and proactive approach. The main training topics can be summarized as follows:

  • Digital broadcasting networks;
  • SDH transmission networks and management systems;
  • DTT, multimedia communications and value added services;
  • Project management, organization and processes;
  • Maintenance of transmission networks;
  • Customer satisfaction in broadcasting services.
NIR services

Rai Way is one of the most prominent entities in the field of electromagnetic pollution both at an Italian and international level; its main strengths are the instrumentation it has developed over years and the experience of its people. The Company offers the following specialized radiation protection services:

  • NIR (Non-Ionizing Radiation) measurement;
  • Advice for environmental disputes and recovery;
  • Appraisal support in litigation (as a party appointed expert).