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Strategic Guidelines

Rai Way’s 2015-2019 Industrial Plan is based on a detailed analysis of the expected trends in the industry in which it operates and its competitive positioning.

  • In the TV & Radio Broadcasting segment, the Plan envisages that Digital Terrestrial will prove to be the benchmark platform in the Italian market, with the key growth opportunities deriving from a reorganization of the frequencies for regional TV (as a result of the planning process initiated by AGCom – Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni in 2014), an increasing demand for the broadcasting of content and programs in HD and the testing of new transmission techniques to be deployed for a more efficient use of the radio spectrum (DVB-T2).

  • The radiophonic market is expected to see the progressive development of the DAB+ digital technology, which will involve both RAI and the consortium of national and regional radio broadcasters.

  • In the telecommunications market, the use of bandwidth-intensive applications and services will continue to stimulate the rise in data traffic and the resulting development of networks able to support it. The impact of the potential steps to efficiency being taken by the leading mobile operators, also as a result of the increased presence on the market of telecom tower operators, is expected to be offset by the new broadband services (backhauling, B2B telecom, etc.) that Rai Way will provide. In addition, further growth is expected in Fixed Wireless Access provider activities, especially in rural and extra-urban areas, also in line with the ultra-broadband plan being promoted by the Italian Government.
Within this scenario, Rai Way is aiming to achieve the following objectives over the period of the Industrial Plan:


Consolidate market leadership, mitigating the potential impact of technological/regulatory development and strengthening positioning in case of changes in market structure


Improve operating efficiency


Enhance wireless capacity of the network in order to improve commercial appeal and intercept demand for broadband services


Actively manage assets portfolio

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