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Rai Way makes its technical competences, network and flexible, industry-experienced staff available to satisfy your needs. The contents of the transmissions conveyed are typically linked to news, cultural, musical or traditional events and, finally, to the cover of sports events.

More specifically, the main audio-video transmission services are divided up according to these types:

  • Point-point dedicated connections: the service consists of the conveyance of the Customer’s audio and video signals between two pre-defined points, using Rai Way infrastructures where available, and third party infrastructures to complete, where necessary;
  • Urban connections: these are connections, generally implemented on an urban level, with the Customer’s premises and the Rai Way network;
  • Occasional network services: these satisfy the need for occasional transmissions or those to be made at a defined frequency, between the source of the Service (which may also be the Rai Way network) and the Customer’s premises;
  • “Ad hod” solutions: aiming to satisfy specific Customer needs, which are not included in the services outlined above, and which require a preliminary study of the most suitable technical solution. They are developed potentially with the assistance of resources complementing the Rai Way network, are temporary in nature and have a high duration in terms of hours/days;
  • Teleport: identifies, for a generic exchange of signals between a source and a destination, all managerial activities for the concatenation of devices, which use the necessary portion of network to develop the circuit, with the aid of management systems, with the scheduling of activities and through the appropriate matrix switches.
  • Fibre: identifies the use of dark fibre and available fibre between two generic geographic points. Electronic, electric and optic devices required to establish the connection are not included.
  • Event extension: identifies the managerial activities for the forwarding of the signal, already prepared in a service and therefore already available in a matrix, towards another customer. In addition to the managerial activities, the contribution is included for the use of the related transmission network.
  • Hospitality: identifies the spaces occupied by the devices, the room conditioning, the electricity utility, monitoring and emergency intervention activities, including on the extemporaneous indication of the Customer.
  • Matrix access: identifies the port used by a generic Customer access connection. No commercial distinction is drawn between Outgoing and Incoming.

Rai Way can prepare specific offers to suit Customer needs, considering variables such as transmission contents, duration and volume of requests, thereby proposing the most appropriate type of service and solutions.


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