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Broadcast consulting services


In taking advantage of the success concretely achieved in the rapid conversion of its broadcasting network to digital technique, Rai Way has outlined the possible areas of support in relation to Customer needs, throughout the digitisation process chain, including in its individual stages. 

The main focus regards the broadcasting sector, in which Rai Way offers the support of its expert staff both prior to implementation and thereafter, in the definition of a broadcasting network: from planning of sites and frequencies through to the development and implementation of the broadcasting systems, connections and infrastructures.



There are various questions to be addressed prior to the designing of a network, such as the best technology for the specific case at hand, the number of programmes to be conveyed, the quality of the programmes and the cover to be offered to (fixed or mobile) customers.

Whatever your questions, Rai Way puts its many years of experience in the field of broadcasting network design at your disposal, to help you find the answers through technical and financial feasibility studies, the examination of comparable business cases and cost estimates.

Depending on whether you are looking to offer fixed or mobile cover, regional or national, Rai Way will offer you a solution by which to design the network in the best possible way, in order to achieve the targets set. 

The various scenarios proposed and related trade-offs in terms of technical, technological and financial sustainability requirements mean that decisions can be taken with full awareness of the consequences and effects, resulting in excellent network design.


Excellent planning is the key to offering an excellent service!

Our planning engineers can offer professional RF planning solutions, customised to suit the targets set. Whether dealing with an MFN or SFN network, for fixed or mobile reception, for high definition or standard definition broadcasting services, with local or national cover, the experienced accrued by our technicians during years spent planning all types of broadcasting networks will be sure to assist you in finding the best network solution to suit your needs.

Looking to migrate from analogue to digital technology? We can guide you through every step of the process. From RF planning for the analogue/digital simulcast phase through to the final planning achieved with the definitive switch-off of analogue.  We can prepare the entire migration plan, optimising it to suit your needs in terms of cover, quality of service, costs and timing. In order to minimise interference issues, our engineers will plan all stages of the process, paying particularly careful attention to analysing interference between the two technologies.