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Quality Certificates

ISO9001:2015 Certification for Service Management Activities

As part of a wider strategy aimed at further developing the company’s position as an industry leader in the transmission and broadcasting of radio and TV signals, in 2016 Rai Way implemented standard ISO9001:2015 in order to guarantee the supply of high-quality, technologically innovative products and services in line with its commitment to achieve a greater level of customer satisfaction.

One of Rai Way’s primary goals is to gain the long-lasting trust of our clients and other stakeholders. At the end of 2016, the company obtained the first ISO9001:2015 certification in the field of “Radio and television signal broadcasting and transmission system and network design services”. In 2017, the company applied for an extension of the certification to include “Signal broadcasting and transmission system and network routine maintenance services”.

The end goal of the certification process launched by Rai Way is to align all company policies and quality management systems with market expectations thanks to the Company’s advanced level of technology and service organisation. In this context, Rai Way is committed to continuing its activities in line with standard ISO9001:2015 and extending the scope of the certification to all services offered by the Company.

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