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90 years at the service of Radio and Television Broadcasting

Rai Way, drawing on the decades of experience of Rai, has always been a leading player in the research and testing of new broadcasting technologies.

Building on this record as a reliable network operator, the company offers services to customers, implementing and managing the main forms of broadcasting: analogue and digital, terrestrial and satellite, for audio, video and data signals.

Terrestrial broadcasting

Rai Way can provide terrestrial radio and television broadcasting services on a local, regional and national basis by virtue of over 2,300 sites, providing coverage for more than 99% of the population. Depending on the coverage specifications of the customer, the service may include:

  • network planning;
  • design and implementation of the distribution network (fibre optic, radio link and satellite);
  • design and implementation of the broadcasting network;
  • design and implementation of infrastructure works (civil, electrical, technological);
  • testing and commissioning of the service.

All activities follow national and international regulations, with the option of adopting any broadcasting standard. Rai Way's regional organization and the modernity of its infrastructure also enable the customer to entrust the control of all network functions and the entire management of the service to Rai Way (network management, maintenance, monitoring and reporting of service quality).

Satellite transmission and broadcasting

Rai Way can offer satellite broadcasting and transmission services on a national and international level, using both DVB-S and DVB-S2 technology.

The services offered include:

  • allocation of broadcasting capacity or technical-contractual support with the satellite operator providing the related frequency band;
  • design and implementation of the up-link chain;
  • design and implementation of the distribution link;
  • testing and commissioning of the service;
  • management and operation of the up-link chain and distribution link.