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Rai Way in brief

Rai Way S.p.A. was incorporated on July 29 th, 1999 by RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A., Italy's state-owned television and radio broadcaster, which owns, directly and indirectly, 100% of the ordinary shares of Rai Way.

On February 29 th , 2000, RAI contributed to Rai Way, the assets, liabilities and employees engaged in the business of planning, installing, operating, managing, and maintaining its transmission and broadcasting network of voice, video and data. This business was previously, from January 1999 to February 2000, a separate business unit within RAI named Divisione Trasmissione e Diffusione and, before January 1999, an integral part of RAI.

Through the spin-off, Rai Way aims to fully exploit the tremendous potential of its transmission and broadcasting network and commercial expertise. Rai Way's strategy is to become the wireless broadband network infrastructure provider of choice for the broadcasting and telecommunication industries in Italy.

Rai Way's current main lines of business are:

  • the management of the television and radio transmission and broadcasting networks of RAI; activity run by Rai Way through a contract signed on June 5 th 2000 (RAI Contract);
    the supply of Services for Business Client :

  1. Tower Rental for hosting in all the sites within the country
  2. Terrestrial and Satellite broadcasting of signals, using Rai Way's existing network capabilities
  3. Management of Trasmission Services connecting different networks (radio links, satellite and optical fibres)
  4. Network Services: ad hoc consultancies in the field of broadcasting and digitalisation, NIR impact evaluation and technical training

Rai Way employs more than 600 people and manages over 2.300 sites across Italy. In particular, Rai Way owns approximately 1.800 towers, and has rights of use of the remaining towers built and mainly owned by local Public Authorities.

Thanks to the extensive experience in managing the Italian television and radio broadcasting network, Rai Way has the ability to offer a full range of services.

Through its transmission network, Rai Way is able to offer flexible services for video and audio contributions

In particular, given Rai Way's state-of-the-art monitoring management systems, Rai Way believes it is well-positioned to offer network monitoring services to other national and local broadcasters. In fact the new Rai Way National Control Centre interconnects three other main sites in order to improve service provisioning and fault resolution, by using an integrated state-of-the-art operation support system.

Boosted by its historic leadership in analogue television, Rai Way has participated from the early stages in the development of the Terrestrial Digital Television system to ensure for RAI, as a public service, the coverage by operating in a prompt and reliable manner.

Thanks to the comprehensive commitment of all its divisions, Rai Way effectively met the coverage objectives laid down by law (Law n. 112/04) for digital terrestrial networks: 50% of the population by the 31 st of December 2003, 70% of the population by the 31 st of December 2004, 85% of the population by the 31 st of December 2007 and ending of the national digital switchover programme by July 2012.

The next important challenge on the road to "digital" technology is expediting the extension of High Definition services on digital terrestrial television and the start of trials in 3D.