Corporate Governance

Shareholders' Meeting

The Shareholders' Meeting is the sovereign body which expresses corporate intentions through its resolutions.

The Shareholders' Meeting resolves, whether in ordinary or extraordinary sessions, on the issues assigned to its responsibility under the law and the By-laws. In particular, the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting must be held at least once per year, within 120 days of the end of the financial year, or within 180 days as dictated by law and following the methods prescribed by the law. In any case, the Shareholders' Meeting is called, whether for an ordinary or extraordinary session, every time the Board of Directors holds it appropriate and in additional cases foreseen by current legal and regulatory requirements.

The Shareholders' Meeting is called through notifications which are published using the methods and following the terms and content established under the legal and regulatory provisions in effect. Rai Way Shareholders' Meetings are called with a single convocation, unless for a given session the Board of Directors resolves to indicate the date for a second and, possibly, a third convocation, indicating the same in the call notice.

For more information about the functions of the Shareholders' Meeting and the methods used for its operations, please refer to the current By-laws and the Shareholders' Meeting Regulations.