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Rai Way has a national network infrastructure that also extends to include the main cities throughout Europe.

Thanks to its network assets and the vast experience accrued in transmission services, it can perfectly combine the best of flexibility and reliability - essential requirements in the radio-television journalistic and publishing world.


The long-standing experience in transmission services, the offer, organisation and technical coordination of the conveyance of video and audio signals from connected Customers or events sites, make for a guarantee of reliability in the performance of Rai Way services.

In this area, Rai Way can guarantee broadcasters the management of contributions for the production of programmes through its network and offer the very best solutions for contribution services, operating as a gateway and making use of other national and international operators.

Rai Way is the ideal partner for the transmission of radio-television productions or the coverage of important sports, news and entertainment events, including through network sharing solutions.

Rai Way makes use of its experience in engineering and management to offer appropriate, reliable technical proposals and analyses, using the very best digital technology available today.