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Tower Rental Services

Rai Way, with more than 2.300 sites around the national territory, represents the ideal partner for companies who are planning to implement telecommunication networks to support their activity or business.

This service allows the Client to have the availability of tower and civil infrastructures to install radio transmitters, which are maintained with rigorous quality standards.
Rai Way offers Clients support from the site selection to the final installation testing.
The Client can keep control of the various development phases by assigning to Rai Way the activities that can be performed efficiently based upon the assets and know-how of the company.
The Customer base is composed by:

mobile and wireline telecom operators
important sectors of the Public Administration
radiotelevision broadcasting companies

Rai Way offers valuable solutions

The Company, beside its high quality infrastructures, can dispose of a specialised territorial organisation and of a commercial team able to support the Client by solving critical factors through maximum availability and flexibility. From the very early stage of the site selection to the final start up of a basestation, Rai Way's Account Manager stands always close to the Client.


Once the site is selected, the service include:
  • A preliminary feasibility analysis to address potential obstacles (for site operation rights, formal constraints and difficulties, NIR levels, space availability etc), which may limit the usage of the chosen site
  • Feasibility inspection plans done together with the Client
  • Site survey to prepare fact sheets with all the necessary information for the Client to evaluate the site's operational adequacy
  • Rai Way's site space availability to:
    • Arrange an equipment room inside existing buildings or outdoors for the installation of shelters/containers
    • Install a transmitting antennae on the appropriate support base
    • Install and place all necessary cable
  • Site maintenance, including civilian infrastructures (towers, buildings, technological equipment, access roads and more)
Rai Way is prepared to share with the customers all phases of the infrastructure project and, upon request, to take complete responsibility in outsourcing through the Site Rental Service. Such opportunity will enable to optimise the use of infrastructures when several Clients are sharing an interest in the same site.