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NIR Services

Rai Way is one of the most consolidated national actors in the management of problems related to domain of electromagnetic pollution; its main strengths are represented by its instrumentation, which has been fine-tuned over time, and by the experience accumulated by its people. 

 The specialist services adopted in the sector of radiation protection concern the following:

  • NIR (Non-Ionizing Radiation) measurement
  • Counselling in dispute settlement and environmental rehabilitation
  • Expert support in legal proceedings

Ever since its establishment, Rai Way has always collaborated with national and international institutions and organizations (CEI, CENELEC, ETSI) in drafting guidelines to be followed in the measurement of electromagnetic waves and in the development of sector-specific regulation. Indeed, its main strength is represented by the flexibility with which it meets customer needs and by the authoritative reputation of its technical experts.
In order to provide measurement and expertise services, the Company mainly relies on the Monza and Sorrento Control Centres as well as on other 21 regional facilities.

NIR measurement

The measurements performed are aimed at assessing the local impact of Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR) through the use of instruments, with a view to providing both qualitative and quantitative elements. The instrumental measurement methodologies used comply with the provisions set forth in both national and regional legislation, in the CEI 211-6 and CEI 211-7 guidelines and in all other framework regulation. The service includes the following activities:

  • scrutiny of the technical documentation provided by the Customer and a preliminary assessment of the site under survey
  • a measurement and logistics plan and preparation of the instrumentation
  • photographic and cartographic surveys (positioning and distances)
  • systems testing and performance of measurements
  • validation of results and final report
  • giving, upon request, an expert witness deposition under oath


The final technical report, to be presented to the Customer within the established deadlines, records the conditions in which the measurements were taken and contains the comprehensive results of the survey, assessed according to the procedures outlined in current legislation.

NIR Consultancy

Conselling in dispute settlement and environmental rehabilitation (Law 41/90)

Whenever controls by the Regulating Bodies (ARPA, ISPESL) detect a breach of the reference values provided under current legislation, this automatically triggers the issue of injunctions by Municipal Authorities providing for a more or less generalized reduction of radiation to established levels or for the implementation of a rehabilitation plan.
Law 41/90, providing for the safeguard of facility operators, enables them to file a petition for an adversarial process in order to establish the actual liabilities involved.

Rai Way has often found itself in situations of this type, having to provide support to one or more persons involved, thus helping to successfully settle most of the cases dealt with by proving the lawful behaviour of its Customer or by finding the most suitable technical solution (rehabilitation) thereto.


 Expert support in legal proceedings

In some cases, the legal proceedings that might ensue the adversarial process may require the appointment of a Court-appoint Expert (Technical Court Consultant -TCC) and therefore for the operator to resort to a Party-appointed Technical Consultant (PTC).
Thanks to its specific competence, advanced instrumentation, its mastery of the field and its in-depth knowledge of widely differing local realities, Rai Way can effectively play the role of the Party-appointed Technical Consultant.